Saturday, June 6, 2009


Below are some beer coasters I collected, mostly because I liked the design.
Believe it or not, I'm not really much of a beer person. However, I couldn't go to Germany without trying at least a couple brews. After all there are over 5,000 types of beers. I even found a few I quite liked. The German Beer Institute is a fun and informative site on German Beer.

Alsterwasser, a specialty in Hamburg, is part beer and part sprite or other clear carbonated beverage.

Löwenbräu in Bavaria, brewed in München (Munich):

Below is the famous Hofbräuhaus München

Anna drinking Berliner Weisse mit Waldmeister Schuss

And let's not forget Beck's one of Germany's most internationally known beers. I really enjoyed Lemon Beck's! Tasted more like sprite than Alsterwasser. There is also Kölcsh, a beer only allowed to be brewed in Köln (Cologne). It comes in several varieties. I tried one of the many, but didn't take any photos and do not remember which one. Oh well. It was pretty good though, and the waiter gave us a free round. Lemon Beck's was still my favorite, followed by Berliner Weiss mit Waldmeister Schuss. Both are sweetened. Guess I just prefer the sweeter things in life.

And that is just a small sampling from the non-beer drinkers guide to German beer.

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