Sunday, July 5, 2009


This year we spent Fourth of July in a cemetery. Now some might see this as a bit morbid or strange, but in LA nothing is really that strange. It was actually one of the most festive and fun fourths of july I've had in awhile. When I was younger we used to spend the holiday at my grandma's lake house, and my uncles would shoot off fireworks. Then we would celebrate her birthday the following day with cake and ice cream. Since her passing, I have had to find other ways to keep her memory and the holiday special. This one will definitely live on in my memory.

We saw a screening of Jaws, which takes place on the Fourth of July. Everyone in the audience would cheer when it was mentioned. Before the movie was about five hours of waiting; sitting and eating, drinking, playing games, and people watching. Some people were very festive and obvious fans. There was shark themed clothing, beach balls, and floaties. My favorite was the kid below who had a shark hat. The other two pics are two of my good friends. Once we got inside the cemetery we sat for about two hours listening to music courtesy of a few djs. Right before the movie started, when the sun went down they played Thriller by Michael Jackson. Everybody got up in near unison and started dancing. I don't know how his Staples Center memorial will be, but to me this was the best memorial I could have attended: dancing to Thriller in a cemetery on Fourth of July with strangers! It was amazing! Plus an outdoor movie, sitting on the grass was a perfect way to celebrate the Holiday.

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