Monday, October 24, 2011


Saturday my husband and I went to the 12th Annual Dia de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was our first time. This fun event brought a modern LA take to a long standing Mexican tradition, popularizing and bringing together people from many cultures as our LA community uniquely does. Traditionally, the Day of the Dead takes place on November 1st coinciding with All Saints Day, but holding it on a Saturday allowed for more festivities and more people to be able to attend. As a photographer, it was a sensory overload of colorful visual stimuli, from the painted faces and costumes of people to, flowers and memorabilia of exhibits; all quite amazing and inspiring.

My only criticism of the event is that they did not allow for bicycle parking, which in LA these days is a bit behind the times. All events should promote if not sponsor more clean & efficient transportation, such as biking, which is in itself becoming a large community in LA. There was however an exhibit at the event that called some awareness to the biking community and bike safety. I have a small photo below. For Cinespia movie nights at the cemetery they do allow bikers to come in, so I don't understand why this event couldn't find a way to do the same. Otherwise, the whole day was full of fun activities for all which included face painting, interactive exhibitions, music and traditional dance, and delicious food! Below are just some of the photos I took of LA's Dia de los Muertos.

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