Friday, November 4, 2011


Today I went to a "secret" garden. Grow Native is actually a nursery, but it is definitely a new development in West LA in association with Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens and Veteran's Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. Being, so new these links are the only real information on the nursery. I accredit this great find to my friend Carolyn, whose savvy seeks out many a treasure in Los Angeles.

In addition to great plants and a very informative staff, (one of whom came from the Rancho Santa Ana botanic Garden) this treasure is also home to a beautiful exotic bird sanctuary. After being greeted by the caws and hellos of these lovely creatures themselves, we met Christopher, an avid bird lover who is also turning his passions into a business. Featherpeutic teaches about birds and their eco-systems, the proper care and right handling of birds, all while showing off their dazzling natural talents.

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