Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I don't know if my obsession with photographing wall art began in Buenos Aires, or I just happened to realize my love for it! I wonder what city has the most wall art/graffiti per square mile, or wall rather. I am pretty sure that Buenos Aires beats out Los Angeles in coverage. Although, I probably noticed more from walking the streets everyday, able to really SEE. In LA I am usually whizzing past walls at an alarming rate, and feel I have to make more of an effort to observe my surroundings. I wish I had made a note of where all these places are. The ones I remember, I have made note.

This one I actually saw while in the process of being painted, at the Buenos Aires Design Center in Recoleta. Now they have images on the website front page. They should have asked me for mine!

This one was in San Telmo:

These were near Palermo Hollywood:

Some I liked mostly because of the lighting or color, after all I am a photographer. Most graffiti, I was told, had some kind of anti-political message. There is a lot of political disharmony in Argentina so that is not suprising.

This one was is actually on a wall near Cementerio de la Chacarita where Carlos Gardel is burried. I couldn't find his grave. This cemetery was far less touristy than Recoleta, and I was warned not to have my camera out as most tourists are targets for theft.

This is a view of the park near el Bilblioteca Nacional in Recoleta:

This one was actually on the side of a magazine stand. Based on the Spanish I know it appears to be the blog of an artist, Un Mundo de Peces.

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