Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well it is my last day in Germany, but when I return I will post photos of my journey. It has been a non-stop adventure. I am so glad to have had company for most of it. Thanks Anna! I look forward to posting some of the photos after I go through them, as I took about 2000.

I am definitely glad I spent my last day on an ICE train ride. I met a woman from Cologne who now lives in Buenos Aires. I was able to practice my Spanish some, but alas I need to go back to school to really be more fluent. I love riding the trains here. They are very fast, clean, and comfortable (with exception of the 6 people sitting compartments on the overnight train). If you are traveling overnight I recommend upgrading to the beds or just taking a regular seat. Otherwise, they offer surprisingly good food, top notch service, and amazing countryside vistas for miles and miles. What a great way to travel. Hopefully the train system in the US will some day come close to the Europeans.

Well, I am going to try to soak in the last few hours I have here before my 11 hour flight. Auf wiedersehen Germany, or as I learned most like to say Tcuss (which sounds like a mix between cheers and choose).

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