Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So as most of you who read my blog know by now, I love to photograph wall art. Can't get enough of it, and Berlin has no shortage of walls or people with things to say on them. Maybe I am a repressed wall artist or was one in a past life. So here are just some of the images of walls in Berlin. This was my narrowing down, but I took over 100 images of walls and their art.

This one was actually a reoccurring one. Don't know if it is one artist or a common German political or social message. 1up:

Yes, He Do!:

From the Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery):

I imagine Berliners must have a different relationship to walls than most other cities, but what they have made out of the remaining parts of the Berlin wall, is a tribute to the artistic and human spirit.

More walls:

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