Monday, August 24, 2009


So between wedding planning, looking for a new apartment, and trying to find a job in discouraging economic times, I haven't really had time to update my blog. Not to mention our computer is starting to move slower than my poor old grandma. Since I shoot most things in raw and like to adjust the color a little, it takes quite some time. I have been able to rekindle my baking thumb. Is there an equivalent to a green thumb for bakers...brown thumb? I have also caught a few nice moments in between all the disarray. It's true what they say about the little things.

Perfectly chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies I made this weekend. Yum.

A delicious Halibut my sweetie made. He has great food presentation skills.

Our little turtle out for a walk. Tomorrow is his 2nd birthday!! Happy Birthday little guy!
Some three leaf clovers growing near our laundry room. Too bad they're not four.

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