Monday, August 31, 2009


I love my friend Jessica. She is so inspiring and funny. She did a post the other day about the Secret and things she wants to put out into the Universe so I decided to try it too. Ya' know for fun.

So I had actually made a whole post of things I wanted to put out into the world, but most I realize were things. So after careful thought this is all I want:

true love

world exploration

and good health and resources so I can accomplish them both. I used photos of animals to represent love because sometimes I think only animals are capable of truly loving one another unconditionally. Although, maybe I just haven't come to know true love without some hurt and selfishness both on my part and from another at times. Or is that part of what makes love magic? I think forgiveness and selflessness is key. I hope I can successfully learn those lessons in my life and may everyone find some peace, love, and what they are looking for in this life.


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