Monday, September 14, 2009

Austin, TX

About a month ago we went back to Texas to see family and plan our wedding, and for the first time since I was four went to Austin, TX. One of the reasons we went there was to see if it is a place we could possibly move to. My fiance has a great job and loves Los Angeles quite a bit. I've been wanting to move for about three years now. I grew up in Texas and lived there for nineteen years of my life. When I was younger wanted to get out and see the world, and I still want to see it. I just want to have a nice comfortable place to come home to in between. The more I go back to Texas, the more I become re-enamored with it.

I guess it's true what they say though, absence does make the heart grow fonder. I've been in Los Angeles now for over seven years, and it has brought me many adventures, life lessons, good friendships, a top notch art school education, and the love of my life. But I have learned I'm still a Texan girl at heart. Los Angeles has a lot more to offer in terms of culture and scenery, but it can't really beat the comfort and authenticity of Texas life, not to mention living in Texas is much more affordable. It gets hard to enjoy all the fun that LA offers when you don't really have the means.

I think Austin might be the perfect mix of the hip and unique culture like Los Angeles offers along with that good 'ol Texan warmth and charm. I was only there for two and a half days, but I loved it! I also really liked Portland and Seattle as possible places to move. They offer similar living to Los Angeles, with that west coast vibe, but slightly less chaotic. My fiancé found them a bit too cold and granola for his taste. So we have decided to try the west side of LA, Culver City. Hopefully being in a newer area of Los Angeles will open up some new opportunities. If not, I think Austin may be calling our name though. We'll see.

Here are some photos from our Austin adventure, including some yummy treats only the South can offer.

This was outside a record store:

Blue Bell ice cream. The best ice cream in the country. It's true.
Banarchy! Frozen bananas dipped in goodness:
Barton Springs Where Austonians? Austonites? go to cool off:

Bats from under the Congress Street Bridge:

Tex Mex

Food truck with chili pepper lights. Ahh chili pepper lights.

Gingerbread pancakes. Words cannot describe this delicious innovation. Get 'em at Austin Java!

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