Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I haven't really traveled anywhere in awhile, which is one the most prominent joys of my existence, and brings me the most photographic inspiration. So for 2010 this is my travel wish list:

New Zealand (definitely going for honeymoon. Hooray!)
New York (haven't been in almost 4 years and miss it. Plus we have a friend there to visit.)
Aruba (have been invited to go again for a week with the soon to be in-laws)
Italy (invited to stay in Lucca but would like to revisit Venice, but really all over. Could probably go for 3-6 months if I could learn some basic Italian. If we ventured to Switzerland I wouldn't mind either. Could push this to 2011)
Tennessee (always wanted to see Graceland and visit some family nearby)
Costa Rica (very intrigued by the tropical weather, monkeys, and jungle. Might have free place to stay, and good way to practice my Spanish more)
Argentina (hopefully going for Christmas, but want to go to Puerto Madryn and maybe Iguazu again. I still really want to go live there again for another 3-6 months with my soon to be husband. La extra├▒o mucho!)
London, England (one of my dear friend lives there and I haven't been since I was a teenager, but also could sacrifice for 2011 if Costa Rica or Argentina became more possible.)
Paris, France (although I'd like to go whenever my sister goes there)

and of course I'll definitely be going to my home state of Texas in March for our wedding.

Most of this is superfluous information for some of my readers, but to the universe--Let's make it happen! 2010 you are my year! Plus I would have way more travel photos to add to my already fantastic portfolio so all of you travel mags, blogs, and tourist bureaus would realize that you need me to take amazing photos, enhancing your your magazine, site, place, etc. A win win really.

In fact if any of the above interested parties would like to pay me a small stipend to go to any of the above places, I would charge you nothing for the photos, and could even offer free writing services for you as well.


Kelly Eubanks

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