Friday, January 7, 2011


I spent a day and a half in the Southern English seaside town, Lyme Regis. A good friend of mine is from here, and I had never been to a seaside town in England. Apparently, it is full of tourists in the summer, but quite dead during the winter months. Also raining and cold everyone insisted it was much nicer in the summer, but to me this just added to the quiet beauty. It felt as if the was a town was here just for us.

A staple of the English family wardrobe

Benji, the family's black lab was so sweet.

Anna and her mom

clay kitchenware by a local Lyme artist

Water is a big part of Lyme, whether rain or shine. Water runs throughout the town into the sea, and The Town Mill is a local tourist attraction as well as incorporated into the names of many local restaurants and breweries.

My two beautiful, adventuresome friends!

Beach changing houses

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  1. These photos are wonderful. I feel the peace and beauty of Lyme Regis.