Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Some Photos from the Streets of Buenos Aires:

I am feeling very philosophical and reflective about my photography today. I am really hoping to make a career of travel photography and writing, but still formulating how to make this dream a reality. I love exploring new places and capturing little moments. I feel words can capture moments unable to be captured by camera, and the camera is a great way of supplementing or even speaking louder than the words.

It is hard for me to sum up such an amazing 3 month trip in just a few words or photos, especially when looking back on it now. I feel even more nostalgic for this vibrant place. I don't really have trouble editing other people's work, but I have a strong emotional connection to all the places I visited and moments I captured. I have found the nature of photography (or any art) is intensely personal for the photographer but to be successful you must be able to represent something of the shared human experience to your audience. So I am doing my best to edit down my experiences into something that can be part of the shared experience.

Below is a small collage of people in love. In Buenos Aires everywhere you turn there are passionate expressions love, so much more prominently than you see in the states. I have heard many theories as to why this is, but for me it was just a beautiful site to see. I was not with my loved one most of the time, so seeing this affection sometimes made my heart ache with longing and loneliness for him. It also brought me comfort to know that I had a love waiting for me. When he did finally arrive we spent a whole day making porteƱo style! The photo in the middle, a friend took of me because we just had to capture this couple! She suggested I make a book of all the couples. This is just the test run.

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