Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are two more videos I found from my trip to the Iguazu Falls bordering Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. This is one of the most amazing natural wonders I have seen. The first video is of "Devil's Throat" Falls. To get there, you have to walk about half a mile over a large river. It almost seems like there are no falls, but as you get closer you start to hear them get louder and louder. It's almost as if a train is coming toward you. When you get right up to it, the spray is so strong you can rarely see glimpses of the bottom. If you are afraid of heights don't look down. The sound is the most amazing part of the experience, and the thousands of butterflies you see on your way really set the mood.

We also went to an old native Aripucu village near our hostel, and drank delicious pineapple and milk smoothies, tried a helado made of native berries, but the best part of all was this woman playing a harp. It was mesmerizing and so relaxing. You can see all of my friends just sit down one by one as if put under a spell. I bought the cd for $5, but left it in Argentina. Ha!

Iguazu is a lot like a tropical island but a bit hotter and not an island. Seeing these spectacular falls (and the thousands of butterflies) was totally worth the 13 hour bus ride both ways, being awoken at 6 am by a rude server who hit us with trays, only to serve us candy and crackers as our "complimentary" breakfast! In addition, the bathrooms were so gross, one of the girls I went with drank almost no liquid so she wouldn't have to use the bathroom more than once. She made it all the way too! At least we got a glass of wine before bed, and got to see Drillbit Taylor and a French gangsta film in Spanish. I didn't even know French people could be gansta! Live and learn.

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